Wizard Lock is a British Lock. He has been active since August, 2005.

As an animatorEdit

As of September 2012, Wizard has very few published Lock movies. The majority of projects Wizard worked on were forum signatures or unfinished collaborations with other members. He has never won an award for a Flash movie.

As a LockEdit

Wizard is an active Lock Legion member. Currently he's in the top ten highest posters on the Lock Legion forums. He first joined in August 2005 after being inspired by Star Lock's animations.

Wizard Lock got his name from his favourite class type in Role-Playing Games; Wizard. He went through a number of design changes over the years; the first just being a blue ball head with a lock hat and beard. The second design was a humanoid-shaped Lock with a blue ball for a head with a pink hat and robes, the lock placed on top of the beard (this was updated once before being scrapped). The third iteration had blue robes with a lighter-coloured blue ball head, a triangular-shaped beard and hair protruding from under the hat. The lock this time was placed correctly; the angular part of the lock acting as a mouth while the circular area represented the other features of a human face. This became a staple design choice and remains in the newer versions of Wizard. The newest version of Wizard has Caucasian skin, a comically large hat and more complex style.

As a posterEdit

Wizard enjoys comic mischief on the forums but generally tries to be helpful to new members.

There is a running joke that Wizard is an ephebophile.

Wizard and Wooper Lock are considered a canon couple, much to Wooper's dismay.

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