WineLock is an nineteen year old male from the United Kingdom that goes by the name of Jack Cartmell. He joined in late 2006 under the username Madanimation, however he did not submit anything until mid 2007. He is also a constant loser of The Game.

Image by MasterLock

Flash AuthorEdit

WineLock is a talented flash author, with a total of around 73 movies to date (06/09/11) on Newgrounds. The majority of them being Lock movies and a few Clock movies. Whilst some of his movies have good scores, the only awards he has are for his parts in the ELO-Twilight collab, LL-DitM, and LL-Journey.

Flash MoviesEdit

All of WineLock's animations can be found here. His most successful solo movie so far is 28 Locks later ep.1.


WineLock is also a very talented musician. He plays both the piano and the drums, however the piano seems to be his speciality. He has released a very wide variety of musical compositions to Newgrounds' Audio Portal. You can find them all HERE.


WineLock also has a Youtube channel, which can be found here.

Running Gags & QuotesEdit



"Terrorist Breakfast"

"Let me tell you about my boner. "

Endziet - (See [LL - Cupcake])


WineLock has attempted creating a few websites. However only one has managed to be released to the public but has not been updated with anything.

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