Thanks to our pal the wayback machine, and the event of a brand new LL website here is the living history of most of the locklegion sites in order. From 2003-2008 (where the wayback machine seems to stop working)

2003 - A Rough StartEdit

Afterlife networks (the first site, not much here but fuck.fla is still hosted)-

ChatterboxRadio (banana's second site)

Most of the websites at this time were too small to be picked up on the wayback, there was at least 5 of them before techno revelation, I can't remember the domain's nor can I even remember where sites like wheatland fit in.

2004 -There seems to be promise in the future Edit

Techno revelation (trash/head first)

First real (includes working links that will throw you back and forth through time) when Lock Hawk down was released on the day after Lollerskates Blew it up

Temp forums (what a sexy banner)-

Roadtoutopia (Egg, Neg, Mp3) -

Hotel California was started around this time (Lock Day was also started around here)

2005 - Things start to pick up fastEdit

Road to utopia is now a backup site reborn

Hotel California wins Daily 1st news post forums with 280 users and 45k posts forums with 1200 users and 170k posts (normal forums were hidden from guests)

2006 - The glory daysEdit

Most of the website is navagateable on wayback, including the tutorials, art portal, flash portal, etc. Late 2005 and Early 2006 were the absolute peaks of the LL's flash and user activity, but it was more than that, it was pretty much the peak of ALL flash activity and Newgrounds itself. The LL was in the right place at the right time for this. . 1800 users 220k posts, LL is at around its prime here, notice how active the flash / art forums are

We were getting around 400 registered users a month during the peak. This screen is only 2 months after the previous

Lateish 2006 screen

Lock Legion starting to die down

2007 - Things die downEdit

Gay message probably written by peach after went down

Things are going pretty slow and most people figured the LL was dead at this point however, First arises via winchester and clocklock (this picture is late 2007)

2008 - The Locklegion stabilizes Edit still breathing. Most of these forums still work- has been improved after some fun times


(broken graphics) First Annual Ban day with broken graphics and wacky forum shit

Latest forum capture

2009-2012 - The twilight yearsEdit

The wayback machine doesn't really have much in this time, domain was lost to a domain squatter. A few random things Broken 2010 forums


The NG portal during Lock Day 2005

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