The Fight for Glorton is a very popular Lock Legion game, with over 2.4 million views on Addicting Games. It was programmed by TrashLock and the art was done by PeachLock. The game is based on Nintendo's Super Smash Bros and features characters from the Lock Legion, along with the title, which refers to The Key of Glorton, which is wielded by StrawberryLock in the game .

Design Edit

The Fight for Glorton was animated by PeachLock and coded and programmed by TrashLock.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is based on Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Four fighters do battle on a stage in which the goal is to cause damage to the opponents, and knock them off the stage. Each of the six playable characters has a unique special ability, and there are also items that can be used to enhance combat.

Playable Characters

  • StrawberryLock
  • PeachLock
  • TrashLock
  • CoffeeLock
  • BallLock
  • AubergineLock

Presentation Edit

Reception Edit


The game was submitted to on 15th May 2007 for Lock Day. Although it did not win any awards on Newgrounds, as of May 2010 it has over 400,000 views, over 4/5 score and it features in 3 Collections- Fighting Games, Lock Day 2007 and Super Smash Bros. Parodies

Elsewhere Edit

At Addicting Games TFFG has over 2.4 million views and approval rating of 86%.

At Armor Games it has over 300, 000 plays with approval of 7.9/10.

Links Edit

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