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this dude joined and made a thread. a lot of in-fighting ensued; for the very fact that it had been so long since a new member joined, it gave the Lock Legion an existential crisis

this nigga joined and caused some unreasonably funny shit between wizard "hates-everything" lock and paintbrush "oh-em-gee-so-offensive" lock

the resulting drama led to wine "aw-yis" lock laughing his socks off

star lock has been a member of the lock legion for two weeks i think

also this fucker right here has a sweet ass mother fuckin' name yeeeee

his "hello I'm a new dude" thread also contained a tit-for-tat argument between wizard lock and peach lock

some could say his thread, because of the amount of arguments between users and wizard; it effectively turned wizard into the new pariah of the site, temporarily taking Alien's place.


  1. Star Lock's avatar contains a background consisting of two futanaria anime ladies having penis sex. This was all a ruse by Wine Lock, who made the avatar for him.
  2. Star Lock fell for Wine's ruse, but still think his Avatar is cool af.

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