Paintbrush avarta 6

Paintbrush's 6th avatar on the forums

PaintbrushLock's other online alias is IrregularCharlie

Paintbrush has been in the Legion on and off for many years. Begining as PowerLock

Powerlock Avatar

(in 2006) he was tutored by GhostLock in the now-dead flash teaching system, F.A.P. To this day he still feels he owes GhostLock alot of credit for inspiring him to improve himself and overcome the "plateau" of animation skill he was stuck on at the time. Years later he rejoined as CokeZeroLock but never really amounted to much. He only ever released one introduction flash. While it survived judgement on Newgrounds it has since been deleted.
Coke zero avarta 3

CokeZero Avatar

He was also briefly MagicianLock but this lasted about a week at best.

On Jan 31, 2011 he rejoined the legion as Paintbrush Lock and in his own words "The name stuck".

Collab Work:Edit

Paintbrush has taken part in many collabs from 2011 to the present day. These include:

Leave this world alive collab , lead by Leaf Lock , realised in 2011.

Dying Breed Collab , lead by Sunshine Lock , realised in 2012 though was in development for 1.5 years.

The Piggie Collab , lead by ZTEAGH Lock , realised in 2013.

A day at the Zoo collab , in which Paintbrush provided many additional pieces aside from his own part (such as the introduction animation, name tags and transition animation), the collab was lead by Wine Lock and was realised in 2014.

Personal Work:Edit

To this day Paintbrush has only done a single animation for the Locklegion outside of art and collabs, Explosive Fixes Everything , which was realised in 2011 and actually aided him getting a placement on a animation course in the university of Worcester.

Outside the LockLegion:Edit

Outside the locklegion Paintbrush goes by the name IrregularCharlie . Charlie maintains a personal website and an ongoing webcomic series called CRUNK in which various members of the Locklegion play occassional roles of significance.

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