JacoLock is a Chilean Lock who's real name is Nicolas and who joined Newgrounds in 2006.

When he joined the Lock Legion he was known as OrigamiLock,but in 2011 changed his name to JacoLock.

Left the LockLegion at 2012

Flash AuthorEdit

As of August 2011, Jaco has 7 submissions on Newgrounds,of which 6 are lock related.He has many awards including:Two Daily Fifth,Two Review Crew Pick,An Underdog Of The Week,A Daily Third,A Daily Second And a Daily Feature. And he also has 26 Art Submissions, with Daily 5th,4th,3rd awards.


Jaco is widely know for his drawing skills and his work continues to raise the bar for other locks, inspiring them to polish and develop their various works. Jaco has spent a lot of time drawing members of the Lock Legion in order to further test and push his own abilities.

Origami the Character Edit

OrigamiLock is represented in many styles and forms, but is consistantly made up of some form of folded paper. Origami is also one of the few locks who posess a glowing keyhole.


OrigamiLock,as drawn by himself,before 2011.

Origami on Fire on Youtube

Jaco the Character Edit

JacoLock is represented by some kind of demon or devil and has a glowing keyhole

1672 Jaco Brushed

JacoLock,as drawn by Lemming,with the white glowing keyhole.

External Links Edit

Jaco's Userpage

A screen capture of Jaco's drawing process