A senior lock member. Known for being a (loveable) fat ass.

History Edit

CourgetteLock first joined the Locklegion mid-febuary 2006. This was during the " v4" period, just months before it crashed and the great Locktopian Drift Period ensued.

Originally, CourgetteLock joined under the name B-NutLock ( a peanut shaped character with the letter B engraved into it's body ). While initially some member thought this to be a reference to the Clockcrew, it was actualy an adaption of CourgetteLock's real life nickname: "B-Nuts" ( which incidently was only his nickname for about two weeks, as a gag). Before CourgetteLock created his very first flash, he changed his name to "MinishLock", the .fla was a drawing of the green bird-like cap from "The Legend of Zelda, the Minish Cap"-GBA game. For a while he stayed MinishLock, untill a homosexual phase ensued in which CourgetteLock grew accustomed to watching episodes of the terrible anime "Shaman King", and it wasn't long before he changed his name to "HaoLock" ( the main antagonist from the gay anime in question ). This name stuck for just a few weeks though. It was then that for unknown reasons the character CourgetteLock was born.

CourgetteLock was relatively active member of the LL V4 boards ( and since may that year, also the Clockcrew boards as very imaginitive name "CourgetteClock" ), and produced a decent amount of flash at the time. This chanegd however after the great Locklegion crash of 2006. Initially CourgetteLock moved with the majority of the locks to the temp forums, but soon he felt like it just wasn't the same and he decided to leave the Locklegion. It was a habbit of CourgetteLock of popping up at the forums once every few months, make a big fuzz about his return, post for a few days and then leave again. This cycle was repeated quite a few times for about two years, which led to some annoyance with the other members. Late 2009 CourgetteLock returned to the boards once more, and then the unthinkable happened: He remained active.

Flash Edit

CourgetteLock has produced a small amount of flashes for both Locklegion and Clockcrew. The first year a fair amount fo progress could be seen every new movie. This however stopped when CourgetteLock made a huge character library .fla. Since then he has been pretty lazy regarding his flash movies, using recycled art and corny jokes.

All flash by CourgetteLock can be found at his Newgrounds page

Obesity? Edit

A well known running gag within some of the Locklegion flash, as well as on the forums, is that CourgetteLock suffers from obesity, and is thus a fatass/fatty. This gag started in 2006 on the Locklegion V4 boards, as CourgetteLock showcased his third version of his Courgette .fla. The Courgette was gourd/kidneybean-shaped, which led to the assumption that it was a courgette with a fat belly, some locks pointed this out and joked about it. CourgetteLock initially thought it was funny aswell and created an avatar with his character in it and the caption: "#1 Fatty" ( the #1-avatar thing was also a fad at the time ). The fatty idea stuck for far longer than CourgetteLock would've liked, even today it is still a thing Courgette is well known for.

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